• How do I activate Xfinity on my device?

    Along with your mobile phone and web browser, there are many other platforms where you can access the Xfinity streaming application. It includes Xbox, Smart TV, Chromecast, Apple TV, Wii, and more. You need to know the complete activation process to enter the activation code at xfinity.com/authorize. After this process, only you can watch Xfinity on your device. Along with this, you must have a subscription purchased account of Xfinity. However, this article or post will explain to you the complete process of activation of Xfinity in your device.

    Step by step instructions to activate Xfinity on your device

    This process is application almost all the devices that are eligible to access Xfinity. Follow the steps and activate your device:

    • Switch on the device and go to the application store. Make sure it is connected with an internet connection
    • After that, you need to search for the Xfinity streaming app and click on the “Download” button
    • After the successful installation click on the app icon from the home page and launch the Xfinity application
    • Now click on the sign-in button and enter the Xfinity account credentials to log in. If you don’t have an account then create an account first.
    • You will see an activation code will appear on the screen. Save the code for the rest of the process.
    • Further, navigate to xfinity.com/authorize on a web browser
    • Here login to your Xfinity account if necessary.
    • Enter the activation code in the blank space provided on the screen.
    • Match the code you have entered with the device’s screen and click on the “Continue” button
    • Follow the instructions prompt on the screen until the success activation message appears.
    • Now go back to your device and refresh the Xfinity application. Your device is linked with your account and you can start streaming now.